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Personalised and Bespoke Thank you Business Greeting Cards

How do you feel when you receive a handwritten, personal greeting card thanking you for your business? 

Garment Graphixs chose this option when they won a prize from Kiso Arts. They realised the importance of customer appreciation and wanted to do it their way. 

Introducing Nelson, their gorgeous Pug who now graces the front of their new Business Thank You Greeting Cards.

On receiving their bespoke cards reproduced from original watercolour and modern calligraphy artwork by Janet Millar, Garment Graphixs said...

'We were so thrilled to receive this from @kisoarts when we won #BelfastHour few weeks back! They're amazing!'

In reply to Garment Graphixs' comment, The PR People, (PR, Media and Communications) said 'Great work, so creative. We love it.'

There are so many forms of marketing and many of them with high costs. Greeting Cards carries a  £1.7billion market value and individually are a low cost but highly effective method of showing customer appreciation whilst at the same time keeping the business in their memory in a subtle but positive way.

Corporate Clients include, The Fitzwilliam Hotel and among others.

Whether in Corporate, Hospitality or Private Sectors or indeed, on a Personal level if you would like to find out more about sharing the story of your particular business/occasion through art, from Greeting Cards to Commissioned Pieces, please contact Janet through your preferred method: 

Tel: 07862788576