Shipping Terms and Conditions

*No cancellations or refunds after 24 hours from time of placing the order. If your order has already been processed we regret it cannot be cancelled.
*For international orders, please note that we do not have control over any imported goods tariffs that are charged by your home country. The shipping you pay to Kiso Arts covers the cost for us to ship your item internationally. Any charges incurred upon arrival in your country do not come back to Kiso Arts, and we have no control over them. We are legally required to disclose the value of all items in customs documentation. No exceptions. Thank you for your understanding. Additionally, international orders that are "missing" will not be re-shipped until a file has been claimed and Kiso Arts has received reimbursement for the original shipment.

Shipping is a third party service. Therefore, we have no control over timely delivery, loss, or damage.