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Commissioned Work

Janet Millar, the professional artist behind 'Kiso Arts' lives in Portrush, N.Ireland. Passionate about calligraphy, she loves to incorporate the skill into other mediums such as watercolours, and in her beautiful Irish Dancing Print Collection she shows how the two combine beautifully to result in a series of collectible and stunning pieces of work.

The collection currently offers 5 unique prints in 2 sizes starting at just £8 for 5" x 7" prints and £12 for all 8" x 10" and 10" x 8" prints.

To view the full collection please visit our Irish Dancing Prints page...


Unique Greeting Cards from Ireland- 

Continuing on an Irish Theme, Janet has created a truly unique style of portraying several stunning locations in Northern Ireland. Her images have then been reproduced into high quality greeting cards, available separately at £3.50 each (including postage) with 20% discount for 2 or more cards (please email her directly with order list to receive discount.)

Offer also applies when buying 2 or more Presentation Packs.

The Presentation Pack (£12.50 including postage) makes a beautiful gift for visitors, locals and Game of Thrones fans as the cards can be either framed individually or together.

 To view the full collection please visit our Greeting Cards page.


 Commissioned Work                   

Work created using following:

1: Calligraphy - dip pen, markers, brushes, ink, watercolours

2: Watercolours

3: Blacboards, chalk and pens

4: Gold/Silver Leaf

5: Pencil